Studio photography and video session with Emcee's Oscar Eve personas Marilyn Munroe and Bob Hope yield several images & videos for Sechelt Rotary Events Page Facebook posts. Social media Facebook posts was identified as one of the PR areas that the event need expand to engage people.
* Facebook posts had 5,632 views
* Facebook videos had 14,619 views
* Facebook Event photo albums had 2,198 views & 507 downloads
* 1st newsletter was opened by 815 people
* 2nd Blog/Newsletter On average 10,000+ people visit Duane Burnett's website per month was sent to 7,000 friends
* 150 posters were distributed
* posted info on 5 community calendars
* Press release sent to 2 newspapers / 1 internet media site
* 2 1/2 page ads 1 1/4 page ad in newspapers
Duane Burnett wrote: Had a great time at Sechelt Rotary’s Oscars Eve Party. The GALA event was a fundraiser for the Sunshine Coast Hospice Society and the West Sechelt Accessible Playground. Lots of people dressed up in their finest or costumes which made the evening a lot of fun. Caviar and champagne was served, and the band played on through the night. Huge thanks to my friend Sheila Williams for taking photos and videos from the night. Watch the Video below.
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