Clients: Renewable Power Corporation; Just Business People Canada  
The McNair Creek run-of-river hydro project was the first one built on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada. Renewable Power Corporation was founded by Marc Soprovich (CEO) and Peter Schober (P.Eng.) in 1999. 
Ingeborg Suzanne principle photographer of isphotography notes: I love it when my photo assignments teach me about the world we live in. I am always amazed at how complex everyone's world is. Before I did the photography I spent an afternoon learning about the headpond, intake dam, the pipes known as penstocks, turbines, the powerhouse and tailrace channel which the diverted water is returned to the creek. Then I scheduled an afternoon in the wilderness for the photography. Had a great mountain bike from the headpond to the powerhouse. Then returned for more photography for a magazine article Just Business People were doing.
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